Al Alma Cornicabra among the 10 healthiest EVOOs in the world

By 25 June 2021 Sin categoría

Al Alma del Olivo Cornicabra has been the only Spanish organic EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) awarded in the TopTen of the Healthiest EVOOs in the World by the prestigious Evooleum Guide, which publishes the 100 best EVOOs in the world every year. This variety, which is also part of the Montes de Toledo Designation of Origin, is the one that best identifies the Region of Castilla La-Mancha and is one of OLINEXO’s more awarded EVOOs.

The healthy EVOO attribution refers to EVOOs containing a higher phenolic fraction, that is, a higher content of total phenols. Let us remember that phenolic compounds have an outstanding nutritional interest due to their healthy properties, recognized by the European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) and embodied in the European Directive 432/2012, which includes the healthy claims associated with the consumption of food.

For the consumer to take advantage of these healthy benefits, it is necessary to consume 20 grams of olive oil daily with a phenolic content of at least 250 ppm. (parts per million), that is, two tablespoons and our Al Alma del Olivo Organic Cornicabra PDO Montes de Toledo, in the analysis carried out by the organization has shown to have 671 ppm. That is, more than double than required. If we add it is organic and therefore respectful with the environment … We have a guaranteed triple-healthy product.

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