We are the largest distributor
of Organic EVOO in
Castilla-La Mancha Region – Spain

Olinexo has born out from the union of two Organic Olive Oil companies

which have numerous national and international recognitions regarding the quality and flavor of their oils, and which have the same vision of the present and future market in which quality will be their main aim to access and maintain themselves in demanding markets throughout the world.

The companies joining OLINEXO are:

AESA (Agropecuaria Ecológica Sierra de Alcaraz) in the province of Albacete and AL ALMA DEL OLIVO in the province of Toledo.
The company's headquarters is also in Alcaraz.

The Olinexo Board of Directors is made up by:

Enrique Damián Simón Flores as President, Tomas Madrid Fuentes as Vice President and Luis José Fernández García as Secretary

An annual harvest of around


Kg of OLIVE is estimated,
which means...

...an Amount of nearly



We have varieties of olives of great organoleptic value such as

Picual, Cornicabra, Hojiblanca, Arbequina or Picudo

which will allow us to make different mono-varietal oils
but also "à la carte" oil compositions
for the different tastes of the international market